CSTB news – ECTP conference news

ECTB celebrated its 20 years anniversary during the Conference “ECTP @ 20. Two decades shaping a smart and green built environment” on 5-6 March 2024 in Brussels.

Circ-Boost partner CSTB, member of ECTP, attended the conference and took the opportunity to present the Circ-Boost project to the attendees as a part of EU project dissemination activities. Mona Nasseredine from CSTB gave presentation on topic “System’s Change: Transitioning from Linear to Circular Thinking” and showcased the Circ-Boost as a project aligned with the transition towards circularity in construction and buildings.

Circ-Boost sends its appreciation to CSTB team for promoting the project and its activities at this crucial conference and your contribution to the promotion of circularity.

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