About the project

CIRC-BOOST is a 4-year project, funded under the Horizon Europe Programme, that focuses on testing and upscaling circular solutions in buildings and the construction sector through five pilot projects deployed in different European regions. The pilots will demonstrate, at large-scale, novel and integrated solutions for demolition, construction waste processing, management, and valorisation in new products.

Circ-Boost at a glance


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Work packages

Work package 1 objective is the management of the project and coordination of its activities, including legal, financial, and administrative aspects, to ensure its smooth and timely implementation.

Leader: Polytechnic University of Catalonia


  • D1.1 Management and coordination plan (M3)
  • ⁠D1.2 Initial Data management plan (M6)
  • D1.3 Gender equality and ethics management plan (M6)
  • D1.4 Interim Data Management Plan (M24)
  • ⁠D1.5 Final Data Management Plan (M48)

Work package 2 objective is to map existing local, regional, national and European construction clusters, innovation networks, initiatives, projects and stakeholders relevant to Circ-Boost, connect with them, learn from each other and contribute to save time and resources and maximize impact inorder to support collectively the shift towards circular processes in the construction sector.

Leader: Cap Digital


  • D2.1 Engagement strategy (M5)
  • D2.2 Interim Circ-Boost Policy Brief (M24)
  • D2.3 First intermediate report on the construction ecosystem portfolio (M18)
  • D2.4 Second intermediate report on the construction ecosystem portfolio (M36)
  • D2.5 Final report on the construction ecosystem portfolio (M45)
  • D2.6 Final Circ-Boost Policy Brief (M45)
  • D2.7 First intermediate networking activities report (M18)
  • D2.8 Second intermediate networking activities report (M36)
  • D2.9 Final networking activities report (M48)

Work package 3 objective is to define operational plans for each pilot that establish clear milestones and sub-activities, define the evaluation methodology to evaluate the technical performance of Circ-Boost deployed solutions and ensure the timely realization of five diverse pilots in which to test, demonstrate and validate innovative circular construction solutions.

Leader: Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade


  • ⁠D3.1 Pilot deployment strategy (M6)
  • ⁠D3.2 PILOT year 1 report (M18)
  • ⁠D3.3 PILOT year 2 report (M30)
  • ⁠D3.4 PILOT year 3 report (M42)
  • D3.5 Final assessment of Circ-Boost pilots (M45)
Work package 4 objective is to create a semi-automated semantically enriched CityGML LOD3 cities’ models of the existing residential buildings at a large urban scale in a minimum of three pilot countries using different DTs in the AEC industry, and create a tailored specified CDW treatment and recovery pathways guidelines for the selected urban areas in the pilot countries with an assessment of the potential for achieving circularity in buildings in the subjected urban areas and produce a novel open-source digital solution: 3D web CE map intended for use as an additional digital logbook feature. 
  • ⁠D4.1 Protocol for spatial data acquisition and geometry reconstruction (M20)
  • ⁠D4.2 Guidebook for structuring CE (M33)
  • ⁠D4.3 3D web CE map website and handbook (M45)

Work package 5 objective is to study the environmental and social impact of building and building products through Environmental and Social Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), identify environmental, social and economic hotspots within each pilot and technology, compare alternatives at the level of material, structural element and entire structure (pilot) and provide evaluation of the alternatives proposed through a Sustainability Index using a multi-criteria framework.

Leader: DRAXIS Environmental S.A.


  •  D5.1 Preliminary report on goal, scope, and systems’ boundaries definition (M28)
  • ⁠D5.2 Life cycle sustainability assessment (M47)

Work package 6 objective is to support Circ-Boost project innovation actors in consolidating the business models of their integrated solutions, provide the project innovation actors with know-how/tools to better understand: (i) how to analyze a new market, its ecosystem and business trends; (ii) the dynamics affecting the evolution of the industry and the supply chain they need to work in, support the project innovation actors in creating a go-to-market strategy to launch their solution and develop a sustainability plan for each Circ-Boost key exploitable result.

Leader: Officine Innovazione—deloitte-italy—about.html


  • D6.1 Pilots value chain analysis (M24)
  • D6.2 First Circ-Boost exploitation route and integrated solutions business plans (M32)
  • D6.3 Final Circ-Boost exploitation route and integrated solutions business plans (M46)

Work package 7 – TRAIN: transfer of skills and knowledge for the construction workforce

Work package 7 objective is to develop a well-structure training and workshop programme to instruct and train the construction workforce and other key stakeholders to adopt Circ-Boost ICS in their processes and collect valuable feedback on the developed solutions from stakeholders engaged in the training programme, allowing for Circ-Boost solutions to be continuously improved and tailored to meet concrete market needs.



  • ⁠D7.1 Training programme guidelines (M6)
  • ⁠D7.2 Circ-Boost training material bundle (M46)
  • ⁠D7.3 Training final assessment (M48)

Work package 8 objective is to develop a concrete and well-structured communication, dissemination, and exploitation strategy, implement targeted communication activities to ensure awareness raising of the Circ-Boost project, optimally disseminate Circ-Boost results with a wide audience of target groups and ensure that policy makers are aware of the regulatory challenges faced by Circ-Boost project innovation actors as well as of their suggestions for easier uptake of circular solutions.

Leader: Association of Balkan Eco-Innovations


  • D8.1 Circ-Boost Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication Strategy (M4)
  • ⁠D8.2 Final report and strategy updated on Circ-Boost exploitation, dissemination and communication activities (M48)