Sampling of demolition object in Sortland

Date: 09.11.2023.

Mapping of concrete in the demolition object was very important as the concrete is planned to be used for the production of recycled concrete aggregates. The whole object, approx. 7400 m2 was inspected for concrete type and core drills were taken for further testing at UiT concrete laboratory. Testing at the laboratory will focus on the assessment of concrete recyclability and initial testing of RCA prepared from concrete samples.

During the technical inspection, the other Norwegian partners, Museum North and Reno-Vest together with associated partner Sortland Municipality came with local newspapers and promoted activities within the CircBoost project.

Boy-Arne and Iveta also visited local concrete producer Vesterålsbetong AS who will be later involved in connection with producing special concrete with recycled concrete aggregates. Production leader Tom Dahl took us for a tour around the concrete plant, followed by a short presentation of a Norwegian pilot by Iveta. The visit was very successful, and all employees from Vesterålsbetong AS are looking forward to being part of the exciting and innovative project. 

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