Pilot 2:
Paris region, France

The overall aim of the French pilot is to structure the reuse and recycling sector around a physical and digital hub centralizing the flow of materials and waste in the Ile-de-France region. The platform will make it possible to meet supply and demand for materials, to encourage the use of alternative and sustainable construction methods and to facilitate the use of second-hand materials from deconstruction operations for new structural applications.

It is set in the Greater Paris region, which is involved in the largest infrastructure project in Europe (Grand Paris Express, a new public transport network consisting of several automatic metro lines around Paris) and its urban landscape is constantly changing in a very dense environment.


Save 0.5 million tonnes of raw materials during the project duration


50 – 100 construction companies using the platforms per year


Recycle 0.5 million tonnes of waste during project duration

  • Development of a platform facilitating the matching between supply and demand for materials and waste, allowing for a better identification of construction waste deposits and regional needs.
  • Exploration of the innovative construction processes that enhance the value of materials obtained from deconstruction.
  • Structurization of the materials and waste upcycling sectors resulting from the deconstruction of buildings.

It has become obligatory to carry out a comprehensive diagnostic report that details the nature, quantity and location of materials resulting from demolition and significant renovation of buildings as well as their potential for reuse, recovery, and valorisation. Developing robust tools for monitoring these flows is essential not only to ensure compliance with regulations but also to go beyond them.

To meet this challenge, Pilot 2 will facilitate the meeting of supply and demand for materials in a CE approach through the development of a digital tool, the creation of a physical platform and the implementation of experiments.

  • The solution involves all the stakeholders of the construction industry, from project developers to builders, via local authorities and communities, which represents an unlimited potential for redesigning the construction industry in terms of industrialization and resilience. In addition, the many major projects (Olympic Games 2024, Grand Paris Express) that are restructuring this region are all potential sources of under-exploited resources.
  • The digital platform will enable waste managers, recyclers, waste products remanufacturers, construction companies to use a single-entry point to sell and acquire waste.
  • The shared asset will enable traceability of all waste, which will increase confidence of end-users and overcome insurability issues associated with lack of access to knowledge of previous use, state and characteristics of the original products and its context within the demolished or deconstructed building.