Pilot 5:
Prague, Czech Republic

The main objective of the Czech pilot is to demonstrate the use of recycled aggregate concrete for structural elements and the use of recycled materials for other applications, thus contributing to the global goal of the Circ-Boost project to use at least 15% recycled materials in pilot projects.

The pilot is a residential project in Prague built in brownfield area at the place of previous sugar factory in Modřany (south part of Prague). Skanska’s global goals and values aim towards sustainable and circular solutions according to its vision “We build for better society”. The goal for this particular project is to use RAC as much as possible for structural elements and demonstrate this as a sustainable and circular solution for the industry. As the structural elements are mostly hidden inside the building, the demonstration and promotion of that solution shall be expressed on the façade of one of the buildings in form of facade panels made of brick recycled aggregate concrete with ground surface exposing inside structure of the material.

Validate Rebetong’s use in structural elements

Design prefabricated or 3D printed facade elements exposed to the XF environment with usage of RA

Certify concrete mixes & test performance

Assess environmental impact through CO2, cost, and LCA evaluations

  1. Concrete mix design for individual structural elements
  2. Evaluation of concrete properties by laboratory and testing of individual mixes
  3. Certification process
  4. Structural analyses of the building structure to check individual elements for usage of concrete mixes with given properties (CVUT involvement) and integration into a BIM-based digital twin to allow traceability of the recycled material use
  5. Method statement for usage of Rebetong for individual structural elements
  6. Technical and technological testing during first field concreting
  7. Continuous testing during execution of mechanical properties
  8. Integration of all RAC elements in BIM model of the building with its technical specifications

Rebetong replaces conventional concrete with up to 100% recycled aggregate, reducing natural resource consumption and promoting sustainable material use. This solution can transform old brick or concrete based brownfield to new building projects with less usage of natural aggregate and lower carbon footprint.

  • Reduced resource demand;
  • Lower carbon emissions;
  • Innovative solutions in line with Skanska’s vision;
  • Circular economy contribution through waste reduction and recycling;
  • Possibility to use local source of RA within the cities;
  • Reduction of needed transportation of raw materials.